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Fatahilla Square
Taman Fatahillah square which in the past was known as Stadhuisplein, the City Hall Park Once the heart of the colonial administration in the 18th century the square underwent a major restoration in the 1970's for being the center for collection, conservation and research for all kinds of objects of cultural property related to the history of the City of Jakarta.
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National Monument
"Monas" as it is popularly called, is one of the monuments built during the Sukarno era of fierce nationalism. The top of the National Monument (Monas) is Freedom Square. It stands for the people's determination to achieve freedom and the crowning of their efforts in the Proclamation of Independence in August 1945
Pulau Bidadari
Jakarta's Thousand Islands
Bidadari (meaning angel) is one of the nearest islands from Jakarta, reachable only 20 minutes by speedboat. Like its name, this island shows a beautiful view from the cottage built among the trees.


It has been months since the pandemic of covid-19 started in Jakarta and other cities of Indonesia. During this pandemic, business of tourism industries being severely affected, including nearly all our members from all sectors: both ticketing, inbound, outbound, Umrah and Haj, and MICE…..

As a Government licensed association ASITA Jakarta always be proactive and take the lead in this situation. We actively have been doing several online meeting and seminar for our members to keep on surviving during this difficult time. In cooperation with the Indonesia Inbound Tour Association have been doing discussion to the government and seeking for governments’ bank soft loan for our members. We have been doing several tourism skills upgrading training for the employees of our members so then they are more capable in doing multi-tasking as Tour & Travel Consultant. Then we have provided those staffs with Assessments of their skill with certification issued by official national institution of professional certification. During this pandemic that ASITA Jakarta Chapter proudly presents its website in a unique and improved format.
The website serves as an effective vehicle for networking between members and the public. We are confident that our members can communicate easier with each other, because our main aim is to provide members and the general public with a most convenient way to get in touch with fellow members that provide the needed travel services on our website.
The program creates awareness to the public of readily available travel products from ASITA members that make it a lot easier in planning future trips.
ASITA’s Website will be most useful for the day-to-day operation; however, should you have any comments for improvements, please feel free to let us know. Your valuable input is highly appreciated.
Members are urged to keep the Web ASITA Jakarta Chapter informed of any changes in address, telephone, fax numbers and email addresses.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your kind attention.

Board of Directors

ASITA Jakarta Chapter
Hasiyanna S. Ashadi


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