Photo KetuaGlobalization is at our doorstep! A clear signal for ASITA (Association of the Indonesian Tours & Travel Agencies) to alert its members which are service providers to be prepared and ready to face the challenges ahead.

As a Government licensed association ASITA must be proactive and take the lead in this globalization era.

Information technology plays a significant role and has become an important part of to day’s life. For that reason the ASITA Jakarta Chapter proudly presents its website in a unique and improved format.

The website serves as an effective vehicle for networking between members and the general public. We are confident that our members can communicate easier with each other, because our main aim is to provide members and the general public with a most convenient way to get in touch with fellow members that provide the needed travel services on our website.

The program creates awareness to the public of readily available travel products from ASITA members that make it a lot easier in planning future trips.

ASITA’s Website will be most useful for the day-to-day operation; however, should you have any comments for improvements, please feel free to let us know. Your valuable input is highly appreciated.

Members are urged to keep the Web ASITA Jakarta Chapter informed of any changes in address, telephone, fax numbers and email addresses.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your kind attention.

Board of Directors
ASITA Jakarta Chapter
Hasiyanna S. Ashadi